Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Yes, they are late, but I feel that since this is an important step in January for most of society, I'll write some down.  Last year I didn't do any so we start with a look back at 2007 goals:

1. Open a savings account (actually this is done as of yesterday, woohoo)  This was obviously accomplished and I did this again when I switched banks.
2. Lace  I started a shawl for my sister using a basic feather and fan pattern but never finished it.  Last year I made and finished a clapotis and a pair of lace socks.
3. I have seven skeins for socks -- USE THEM!!!  I didn't do so well with this... and I bought more.
4. That goes for others of my stash -- look in the stash first before buying new yarn  See number 3.
5. Create a winter set to match my coat  In 2007 I never did this.  I finally found a matching color last year and made a hat.  I'm going to order matching yarn for a scarf with my next Knit Picks order.
6. Create a wearable that is not a scarf or pair of socks  I started and never finished a very boring sweater.  I would need to do something that isn't stockinette.
7. Fair isle  Nope
8. College in the fall  I did this and then rethought college for me.  It's not that it's hard, but it is very expensive and time consuming.  I'm into instant gratification, don't want to quit my job at the moment, and don't want to be in debt.
9. Another bag  I started one in crochet, but didn't finish, and  then in 2008 I started another but ran out of yarn and didn't finish that either. 

Here's this year's list.  My Sensei (karate instructor) says that a goal has to be measurable.  You can't just say, take lunch more often, you have to give an exact amount.

1.  Take lunch to work at least 3 times a week.  This will save money and force me to cook/prepare stuff at home and mean that I'll eat healthier there as well.

2.  Karate at least once a week through May. 

3.  Organize my place and learn to keep it clean and organized.  This means I need to create some kind of a workable schedule.

4.  $50 a paycheck goes into savings. 

5.  Things I would accomplish knitting wise this year: spring forward socks, rainbow faux-fair-isle socks, Grandma's Mother's Day/Birthday gift, coworker's hat, finish Mom's sock, cup cozy, throw for my couch, scarf to match hat and coat, Gap cable scarf.

6.  I would like to go on an overnight vacation this year, whether that is to Sock Summit, Las Vegas with my friend J, or even just an overnight in MT or WY somewhere.  I have wanted to vacation for years and haven't had a real one.  Even if it turns out all I can afford to do is go to Red Lodge or Bozeman and stay the night, I should.  It's recharging the batteries.

7.  I need to have an intended goal for yarn that I buy.  I need to be able to look at 3 skeins of cashmere (just an example) and say that will be a scarf for Mom, not oh that bag of 10 Cascade 220 is a good price and maybe I could start a sweater someday.

8.  For every yarn that I buy, a yarn must leave the stash.  I can sell it, trade it, or use it, but I shouldn't double my stash this year.  There are exceptions: gift knitting (which goes back to number 7) since I don't always have in stash what I need, or money people give me towards yarn. 

9.  Go through my storage.  If I haven't seen some of that stuff in 4 years or even longer... ask myself why am I keeping it and get rid of that.  I have side storage that runs the length of my apartment (about 60 feet if I remember correctly) and is probably 3 feet wide on both sides.  One side is full (sorta since the roof slants) and the other has quite a bit of stuff.

10.  TRY with people.  Try to get along, try to apologize when I know I've been hurtful, and try to help more.  Try to respect myself when something isn't my fault by not apologizing or stepping in and taking on too much to make things better, putting myself down, or beating myself up long after something has gone awry and it is my fault, or by taking all of the blame when it wasn't just my fault.  I know what I need to do to make things a little better at work, so I just need to get off my duff and do it. 


Ten seemed like a good number and so we'll see next January how things went.

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