Friday, August 21, 2009


For the past several months I have really been wanting to get a dog, but I live in a different town than the one I work in. This means that I can't get home at lunch to let him/her out. Plus, there are the issues of breed or size restrictions in other apartments. The other day I was looking at and found Rex. He's a German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab mix. Unfortunetly, I dreamed about him all night that night. Baron was a GSP.

The solution to the problem that I've been thinking of for the past few weeks is volunteering at the animal shelter. So, I did. My job is to cuddle the kitties and take the dogs for walks or play with them. It's fun! There are rooms for strays, adoptables, violent intakes, a cat isolation room, and a room where the non-violent animal control intakes or post-surgical animals are. There was a poor cat who had a broken jaw, though she'd already been adopted. Also, in the same latter room was an 8 week-old puppy who was a police hold. She'd been left in a hot car and so she was evidence. How could you forget that you had a puppy that cute and little? Oh, did I mention that she was a GSP/Lab mix? I wonder how they determine what breeds these mixes are. All I saw in her (or Rex) was their GSP side. So, the lady at the shelter humored me and let me carry her around and to take her out last and play with her the longest. Oh my gosh she was cute. Since she's a police hold she has to stay until the end of the trial. I can't ever let her off leash just in case she'd get away, but she could be there for several months.

There was also a mother and her tiny, tiny kittens that were maybe 2 weeks old, if that. Their cage was in the office, where it turns out I'll spend some time since they asked if I was good with numbers and I laughed and said, yep I have a weird thing for numbers. I think that when I go in on Sunday I'll take a picture of my favorite.


Batty said...

Be careful! My mother-in-law has a friend who volunteers at the local shelter. The friend has 3 dogs, and my MIL has 4 cats and 4 dogs. Sometimes, pets just... happen.

Batty said...

Sniff, the link won't work. Want puppy pictures!