Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pork tenderloin w/ sauce

This is actually my BF's brainchild, but it was super-yummy. We picked up a 2-pack of giant pork tenderloins from Costco and made one tonight.

He put the tenderloin on a pan, wrapped in foil for about an hour at 350 degrees. Then I pulled it out and placed it into a cake pan and made up the sauce on the stovetop. I used a jar of Classico Alfredo sauce and about 1/4 of a jar of Vodka sauce (bertolli maybe?, BF doesn't like tomatoes so if you do you could add more), and a can of diced potatoes. I also added some italian seasoning and then poured the sauce over the tenderloin. We baked it for about 45 minutes or so (I'm guessing since I put it on for 30 and then kept checking after that) and it was oh so yummy. It came to me after that I shoulda made some instant mashed potatoes and so I've added them to the grocery list.

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Batty said...

Wow, that sounds like quite the cold weather dish!