Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's been up?

A lot actually.

Work-- I got laid off, found a job, and then got fired... so I'm back on unemployment. I got fired for being late on a day when most people around the city were late because of the weather and because the owner felt I didn't take my job seriously and I acted as though I thought everything should be fun. All in all I guess I don't really want to work someplace where I'm not allowed to enjoy myself. So my bf posed the question... what do I want to do? So I started thinking long and hard and while I haven't made any firm decisions or totally narrowed it down, but I do think I want to do something with computers. It's what I'm good at and what I enjoy.

So... with that in mind I am studying for my A+ certification which is a basic certification that can help me land quite a few computer jobs.

The problem is that the jobs aren't very plentiful around here, which led my BF and I to discussing moving. His whole family has moved from MT to Alaska, which ironically is where I was born. The more that we talk about it the more excited I get. His folks are coming down to get some of their stuff sometime in the early summer and we're thinking of joining them. It would be the perfect time and we wouldn't have to make the long truck up there by ourselves. I can't say that I wouldn't miss my family and the state of MT, I am very excited for so many reasons. The prospects for the future, a beautiful state, and everything that goes along with that.

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Batty said...

Fun with computers -- sounds great! I just signed up for a web development class. We can get computered up together. And with computers... you don't necessarily need to be on site. Lots of flexibility. So if you want to move, great, if not, there may be something you may be able to do from home.