Monday, March 08, 2010

How's it going?

Wow have I been busy! My geek and I (no I still haven't found the right blog nickname for him) have been getting ready to move to Alaska. It looks like we'll be moving the beginning of June. I'm super excited and a bit nervous. I've also been studying for my A+ exam and am nearly done with the first book and am almost ready to start with the practice exams.

So in getting ready to move I've been cleaning out my old apartment and throwing out, packing up, and donating a lot of stuff. We've also been having a bunch of fun looking at vehicles. I've sold my car and we're working on selling one of his cars. The other one will be traded in when we buy a vehicle. Our cars were old and not good enough to move 2500 miles, an of course, will not pull a trailer. We haven't figured out if we want a truck, SUV, or a crossover but I think the Geek has fallen in love with a Lincoln MKX (the nicer version of a Ford Edge). We, being geeks, like the Microsoft Sync, voice navigation, and other nifty little gadgets.

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Batty said...

Good luck with the move! Packing is always such a hassle. But when you get there, it's OK to leave the boxes for a while.