Friday, April 09, 2010

Wedding planning has commenced!

With just about 3 months of planning we realized we had to get on it right away. I have less than 2 months left and a lot of things done.

1. The colors were picked out and will be black, white, and silver. It lends to a much more formal wedding than I had originally thought of. I always figured I'd have a jp and minimal everything to do with a wedding. Guess I was wrong.

2. The dress has been picked out and is currently having alterations done.

3. After much deliberation we decided on a hotel where we received a nice package deal. It was a little pricey but not bad all in all. We'll use one convention room for the ceremony and another for the reception. We also get a room for the rehearsal dinner, morning after brunch, and bridal shower if we wish. Plus, it comes with a very nice honeymoon suite with jacuzzi. They'll also butler the champagne toast, which is really nice.

4. Because we're having it at the hotel we need to use their catering. However they have experience with gluten free so I'm much more relieved. The entire meal will be gf so that I can enjoy the day and not worry about an accidental gluten.

5. That led to a very difficult search for a gluten free cake. There are a couple of places in town that are willing to deal with it though. One was completely booked up and from the other I just picked up the sample pieces. She didn't even charge me for them which made me super happy. Because the geek and I both play games together we're considering an unsual cake topper by Paul Pape. His website is at On the one hand my fiancee likes the Little Big Planet topper because of the expressions on the faces (sad for groom and happy for bride) but we also like the world of warcraft idea. Since we both play girl toons (characters) and druids we're thinking we might do the shapeshifted versions: a moonkin (or boomkin or owldeerbear for balance spec) and the tree form (for resto spec). We both happen to be dual-specced that way so it would work. My mother hates the idea but we think it kinda reflects us so it would be fun.

6. Passport paperwork has been turned in and so hopefully we'll receive that soon so that'll be one less worry.

7. I met with the florist and put in for what we want and have it set temporarily so that if our numbers change I can alter what we're ordering. There are going to be anenomes (white with black centers), calla lillies, roses, and stepenotis.

8. We got a really nifty guest book from the Guest book store. We were able to personalize the pages and everyone can write in advice and things. It's so cute.

9. We've had a few snafus along the way. We went to the local party store that decorated my sister's wedding and ordered lots of balloon decorations, the cake server set, a nifty goblet set, and invitations. The cake server was back ordered and won't be available in time and we replaced that, no big deal. Our invites came in today but had an oopsie in the address area. The owner called up that company and they'll start production today. Which means that as soon as we get them we need to get them out since people will have about a week or so to RSVP. It's not the end of the world since everyone invited already knows anyways. I'll have address labels printed and we'll fold, label, stamp, and send within 2 days.

I figure that almost anything can go wrong and it'll be okay. As long as the geek and I show up as well as our officiant, we'll be married and all will be right with my world.

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Batty said...

Black is always good. And when I was looking around, I initially thought a hotel would be too expensive. But not having to worry about flowers, food, dj, and everything else arriving on time, co-ordinated by you is worth a lot. It was one less thing to worry about. Great choice.

Also, I love your attitude. Anything that goes wrong and doesn't involve people getting arrested or ending up at the hospital will make the event memorable.